Monday, March 14, 2011

Candid Cameron: "A Bit More"

A Bit More
by Cameron Sullivan

Smile a bit more broadly.
Hug a bit longer.
Respect a bit more openly.
Laugh a bit louder.
Say thank-you a bit oftener.
Make love a bit slower.
Help out a bit better.
Walk a bit lighter.
Move a bit more gracefully.
Give a bit more.
Forgive, and forget, a bit sooner.
Wish a little.
And pray even more.

Please forgive my waxing poetic. But this reflection came to me tonight as I was quietly thinking about the people of Japan,  how their lives are turned upside down, and how all the world will surely be affected in some way by this disaster. I was reminded that we ought to stick together - a bit more. And that I should remember, a bit more, how grateful I am for all I have, all the people I love, all that I am, and all that is beautiful in this world. Simply, for life.