Thursday, May 13, 2010

No more Mrs. Cleavers, please!

As seen on Facebook earlier this week after a parenting moment I was less-than-proud of but still decided to forgive myself:

Cameron Newman Sullivan: "Yup. It's true. I'm no "Leave it to Beaver" or "Good Housekeeping" mom. Never have been; probably never will be. One day I hope my children will thank me for not fitting the mold.

Five FB friends replied saying they "liked" my post. Others egged me on:

From my friend Lindy: "Do you think your kids know what/who "Leave It To Beaver" is? I never kept Good Housekeeping in my house so my kids never knew what they were missing . . . . :)

From my sister-in-law, Joan: "Me neither! I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! xoxoxo"

From me: "@Lindy - They don't know what "LITB" is nor do they ever see "GH" sitting around, but there are an awful lot of June Cleavers in this town. On the flip side, John thinks I'm WAY hotter than June Cleaver!!!

From Lindy: "Yup, wayyyyyy hotter!"

This discussion has not ended. After a productive but harried April and May (thus far), I have a fresh, renewed outlook on motherhood and life as a multi-faceted woman.

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