Monday, March 16, 2009

A Dozen Dedications: Why I Love Teachers

This “Thank you” is for Jessica Posson, who shows children how much fun school can be. This is for Denicia Erickson, Suzie Garcia and Kathy Greth who lovingly build confidence in their students. This is for Jennifer Heid whose sweetness and compassion make her classroom a loving environment. This is for Kim Kozuch who teaches her first graders how to speak Spanish and helps children embrace their individuality.

This “Thank you” is for Sara Martin who finds clever ways to bring out the best in her students. This is for Angela Serrano whose calm understanding and patience build children’s self esteem. This is for Tina Wise, who recognizes children’s potential. This is for Connie Weaver, who appreciates that free-spirited children have unique learning tools at their disposal.

This “Thank you” is for Eryn Neidle, who brings an understanding of technology into the classroom and helps children experience how education connects them to their world. This is for Kevin Mahoney, whose corporate background and whole-child approach to teaching prepare fifth graders not just for Middle School but for life.

My children have enjoyed instruction from all 12 of these Pleasanton teachers since 2003. This “Thank you” is for every teacher who makes unwavering efforts to get to know our children; for every teacher who inspires, motivates, encourages, and who cherishes his or her profession because of its countless existential rewards.

Let’s do everything we can to ensure that all of Pleasanton’s cherished teachers can continue to work their magic for many years to come.

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Kathy Cordova said...

Cam, That's lovely. I'm sure the teachers will be touched. And, of course, I agree that our Pleasanton teachers are treasures and we should do everything we can do to keep them.

Jim Ott said...

Great post, Cameron! As a school board member in Pleasanton, I agree 100%. We need to pass the parcel tax measure on June 2 so we can save our schools and our great teachers.

Amy Moellering said...

Teachers touch our lives and the lives of our children in countless ways! You've reminded us that they are individuals with unique gifts and we must do everything we can to ensure they continue to share their gifts. Vote yes on the parcel tax!

Denise T said...

And thanks for teachers who help mainstream special needs kids into standard classrooms, plus aides who help out those kids and their peers in their standard classrooms.

John MacDougall said...

Thank you for posting this! Teachers can never get enough praise for what they provide our community.